You may have a plumbing leak if...

How to confirm you have a leak

  • You can hear the continuous sound of water (like a toilet running) when nothing is turned on.
  • Your water meter reading changes when you aren't using any water. (Mark the indicator on your meter; don't use any water for an hour; then check the meter. If the indicator moved, you may have a leak.)
  • Your water bill escalates over a period of weeks or months. (Compare your bills month to month.)
  • Your walls or floors have wet, spongy, moist or discolored areas when nothing has been spilled.
  • You can smell foul odors coming from floors or walls near drains or sewers.
  • Your building foundation cracks, vegetation grows unevenly, or earth shifts for no apparent reason.
  • You find warm spots on your floor, particularly on concrete slab floors.
  • Turn off all your taps and other water-using fixtures to make sure that no water is running.
  • Find your water meter and see if the meter is turning when you are not using water.
  • If the meter is still turning you may have a underground leak and should have your pipes tested by our technician.

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